Black Lives Anti Matter vol​.​1

by ?/K Thyself ?/K

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Review by John Vettese

It’s hard to miss the album title on this one — Black Lives Anti Matter vol. 1. It’s a provocative phrase that on the one hand spins the handle of the racial justice movement to reflect the attitudes that the movement is up against. On the other hand, there’s an element of spirituality and cosmology in the invocation of matter vs. anti-matter, and also the explosive, disruptive relationship between the two. Against that landscape, Philly poet / rapper / producer ?/K Thyself ?/K (guesses on pronunciation, anyone? I’m thinking Know Thyself, but I’m totally spitballing) delivers abstract rhymes detailing oppression and struggle, ills of the world, summing up the tension in the hook on “OG Status”: “Everybody bendin’ hoping that they don’t break.” Musically, it’s in the vein of Saul Williams’ post-industrial tapestries of rhyme mixed with a bit of Death Grips and Yeezus for good measure.


released February 10, 2017

?/K Thyself ?/K



all rights reserved


?/K Thyself ?/K Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I am... nothing and everything at the same time, in the same space... everywhere but no place... ?/K

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Track Name: The Forthcoming of the Negas Prophecy featuring Professor Griff
Here it is
The spirit is
Fearlessly limitless
to weariness

Manipulist of serial digits

I am electromagnetic
Attract magic

Repel dim wits
Masters of illusions
using gimmicks

I named the minutes
an attribute for every second
check the method ology
to reverse their Scientology
Spell casting through reality
This is the forthcoming of the Negas Prophecy
They try to stumble me
But they can't hold me back
at the same time rumble me
I wondrously tumble thee
My mental is that of a missile
against a bubble bee
You fumbled this miraculous degree of energy
Check out my melody
Vibrate frequently
Frequency Heavenly
Hell bound
They distort sound
We move silently
Peacefully or Violently
We must be freed by any means necessary
They lust for me
Vampires damned to fire
Com-bust and bleed
Don't trust their seed
Transform wants to needs
see the alchemy

I am
They about to be

I call forth my ancestry
When them devils try to test me
With the word they bless
Protect me from threatening thoughts
The battles I fought...

Professor Griff
“ I want you to hear Marcus Garvey, I want you to hear the Most Honorable Elijah Muhhamed, Noble Drew Ali, Che Guevera, all those died in the middle passage, and those that fought the beast. I want you to hear Steve Biko, Winnie Mandela, the Mau Mau, you know the Maroons. I want you to hear all of them coming through us. But you know we have to keep the vessel clean.

The battles I fought
The students I've taught
The paths I sought
The truth brought to the surface
Giving value to the worthless
A thieving murderous circus
Hocus Pocus
Hopeless purpose
Get Focused
A serious service
Where are all the soldiers who are not scared or nervous

It's all in the wording
The deserving are sometime needy
but the needy are not always deserving
With death their flirting
Seeking an intimate encounter with the God in which their serving
Worshiping Idolatry
A sick psychology
perverted mentality
So, thy come with Infinite Realtiy

Professor Griff
“First of all, we need to look at it from a historical perspective. J Edgar Hoover and the counter intelligence program (cointelpro), did he not say that the main objective was to prevent the rise of a Black Messiah? Ok, so I need to ask the brothers around this table a question then, just kinda of the cuff. If he said, that, and it's etched in stone, it was written that he had said that, did what did J Edgar Hoover know about a Black Messiah coming from us as a people that we did'nt know, and he even listed names and organizations. He mentioned the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Black Liberation Army, Replublic of New Africa, Kwame Toure, Dr. King and other people. So what did J. Edgar Hoover know that we have failed to get a grasp on? So we have understand that particular dynamic. A messiah comes to do what ? That's the question that we need to be asking ourselves. So if the messiah is supposed to come and deliver our people, then what did J. Edgar Hoover know in his secret files that we did'nt know? Did he have an idea of who this messiah was going to be or where he was supposed to come from? Not outside the country, but come from inside of the people, cause he didn't look in other places, he looked in the hood. So
J. Edgar Hoover, the FBI or the Cointelpro new something that we didn't know. This is why he went in and began his campaign, discrediting leaders, breaking up the organizations, putting plants and imps inside the ranks, not only the Nation of Islam, but the Black Liberation Organization, the Black Panther Party and this kinda thing. If they didn't kill you off and they didn't break up your party and jail the leaders, they paid them off. So now wait a minute. We see that same thing going on today. Did he not pay off Flavor Flav and give him a reality show. Did he not pay off Chuck and have him on FOX news and working for Air America and all of these other people, and we don't even hear from KRS One, Chuck and some of these other people on the level that we should hear from them, not to discredit them. I'm just saying on the level that we should hear from them, speaking truth to power. It's cool don't get me wrong, it's nothing wrong with us doing business and going to speak at the Universities getting 5, 10 thousand dollars a pop, but what about us. How 'bout Te Te, Man Man, Re Re and Peanut and them, and Twan in the hood. They never get the benefit of hearing a conversation like this.”

The Forthcoming of the Negas Prophecy